Tran on VA Governor's Race: A Marker of Resistance Against Donald Trump

270 Strategies

WASHINGTON -- Lynda Tran, a 270 Strategies Founding Partner and former Communications Director to then-Governor Tim Kaine, joined CBSN this morning to discuss today's gubernatorial election in Virginia.

On what's at stake for Democrats:

"If the party can't win a governor's race in Virginia, the truth is it's not actually that much of a shift in the sense that Virginia remains a purple state. There are a lot of statewide races that have been won by Democrats in recent years, but you have to remember, until 2008, Virginia hadn't been won by a Democratic candidate for president in 44 years. So the history is not that far off for it to be a very red-leaning state.

"That said, Republicans haven't won the governor's mansion since Bob McDonnell did in 2009, and so, this would be a big win for Republicans. For Democrats, part of what you're seeing at stake today is the sense that there needs to be some sort of a shift on the national level -- that if we win in Virginia, it will be a marker that demonstrates a sense of resistance against Donald Trump, and the vision and policies that he's been promoting from his office, and is hopefully a marker for what may come in 2018."

Watch Lynda's interview here.
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