Sevugan on Syria: Last Thing the Country Needs is Another Military Adventurism in the Middle East by a GOP President Without a Strategy

CHICAGO -- Hari Sevugan, Principal at 270 Strategies, joined MSNBC yesterday to discuss the recent jobs report, NSC shakeups, and Trump's military action against the Assad regime.

On whether this was "Trump's most successful week as president"

"Let’s recap the week. We had a jobs report that was the worst that we’ve seen in nearly a year, one of the worst that we’ve had in the last three years, underperformed by about 100,000 jobs. The president’s senior adviser was kicked off of the National Security Council, and that adviser and his son-in-law are in a feud that’s ripping apart the administration. Only in the child’s standard that the media affords Donald Trump is this a successful week.”

On Trump’s strike against Syria

"Even if you agree with the notion that we need regime change in Syria, it has to be a part of a comprehensive strategy. What we had this week was a military action that didn’t achieve a military objective. The airfield was rebuilt in a day. What we need is a comprehensive strategy — the last thing that this country needs is another Republican president who undertakes adventurism in the Middle East without a comprehensive strategy. We’ve seen where that’s gotten us. I look forward to hearing from the president and the administration about a more comprehensive strategy. What we’ve had so far is a missile strike which the president says was brought on by his sympathy for the victims of the Assad regime. At the same time, the president is shutting the door on those same refugees that are being affected by the Assad regime. That’s not a part of a comprehensive strategy, those are conflicting interests that the president is driving.”

On recent NSC changes and Trump’s impulsiveness

"It depends on who [Steve Bannon and K.T. McFarland] are replaced with, they shouldn’t have been in there in the first place. We are confusing decisiveness with impulsiveness, and that’s what we’ve gotten from the Trump Administration, impulsive decisions. Whether it’s in staffing, or in their attitude towards regime change and military strikes. Those aren’t things to be impulsive about, those are things to have a comprehensive strategy that we can share with Congress and the American people."

Watch Hari's interview here.

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